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Finding the Best iPad Apps for Speech/Language Therapy

Check out my post on my list of top speech/language apps for my personal everyday favorites.

I’ve spent a bit of time perusing current blogs out there related to iPad apps and speech therapy.  I came across a very informative blog called Communication Therapy.  It is definitely worth checking out as it talks about the use of iPads in therapy and also has an great link to a spreadsheet that has a very thorough list of recommended apps in all areas including the area of speech/language.  The spreadsheet also has a very comprehensive list of good websites and resources.  Really helpful! 

Also check out the SLP app list on Speech Techies blog.  This link allows users to add SLP related apps and websites to a growing list of favorite apps.

From my searching, there seems to be quite a bit more information about using iPad apps as speech output devices and not as much on apps used for school-aged kids with language delays and higher functioning autism.  In fact there are surprisingly few apps specific to the language and social communication needs of school-aged children.  I am most interested in these areas as these are the students I work with primarily.  From my experience, the most beneficial apps for school-aged children offer a more holistic approach to practicing targeted language and social communication objectives.  This is why I love Toontastic so much.  I can target objectives and even repetitively practice targeted skills in a more realistic, applicable and of course more motivating setting.

Here’s a list of some places to start looking for good Speech/Language apps:

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  • Jordan Sadler, SLP

    Hi! I’m glad you found my blog helpful! My next review is going to be on language and narrative apps I’m using, so stay tuned!

    • Katie

      I will definitely be checking in! Thanks!

    • Laura Birchmeier

      have you been using the PlayTime Theater? It sounds pretty cool. Just wondering what your experience has been with it.

      • Katie

        I have used it a couple times at home but not in therapy yet. It took me a little bit to learn how to use all the features but I think it will be a really fun app for my kids with some support and scaffolding. The developers have added a ton of detail from props to sound effects to characters. I’ll be writing some posts on how I use it in therapy and how the kids respond shortly…just getting back into the school year!

  • Dean Junk

    You really need to checkout the Gabby application written by enabledsoftware. The link to the site is http://www.enabledsoftware.net.

  • Nikki

    do you happen to have any journal articles supporting IPads and apps. Or any on using the apps to develop or measure speech-language goals?

  • Lois Crane

    My husband has a neurological disease called PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). This disease makes it very hard to hear or understand my husband when he speaks. Do you have any suggestions re an App which could be used along with an iPad to help us.

    • Katie

      Hi Lois,
      Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with using the iPad as a speech output device. I think there is great potential but few apps that are developed enough to be real effective.

      Thanks for visiting the site and I will keep you in mind as I continue to search for new apps.